CBIS 4210 Project 7

For Project 7, you will create a Web site with a Home page containing a picture of yourself and  a link to a brief resume, and links to four Java applets: 

  • Project 5 (the Encryption applet)

  • Project 6a (the drawing applet)

  • Project 6b (the BlackJack game applet)

  • Your Retirement Calculator Applet (which we did in class together)

The four applet pages should function correctly on the Web; the main page should link to each project and link to a brief résumé (with no phone/address - just email).

Your web site for this class is located at http://iscm.gcsu.edu/~username, where username is your first initial and last name, and your password is the same. You can log in via FrontPage or use FTP to upload your site.

Due online: Thursday, Dec. 2, at the beginning of class.

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