CBIS 4210 Project 2

For Project 2, you will write, compile, and run two programs (3 total classes): Shirt and TestShirt; and DaysOld. 

At the top of each of your files, include the following lines of comments:

// ClassName.java
// by Your Name
// Project 2 - Due Date

Save all project files in a folder on your floppy called A:\4210\proj2\proj2_xxx\ (where xxx are your first, middle, & last initials).

Program 1 (Shirt.java, TestShirt.java): 

Complete Exercise 7 on p.135 of your textbook.

[Option: For those wishing to work ahead or do something more interesting, you may make use of the JOptionPane showMessageDialog box to display the information.]

Program 2 (DaysOld.java): 

Similar to exercise 17 on p. 137 of your text, you will create a program that computes how many days old you are as of the due date for this program (Sept. 21) using the GregorianCalendar class. [Again, you may choose to output to message dialog boxes as an option.]

Due Tuesday, September 21, at the beginning of class.

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